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The birdie outside my window doesn’t care it’s the new year…should I?

Clock Up of Clock Face with Texture

The earth did not rejoice and rotate any faster. The sun did not celebrate and shine brighter. The bare trees outside did not welcome the new year with tender new leaves or colorful flowers.  It’s just another day. I am just a day older. But something is different. I will have to date my signature ending with the number ’14’ from today onward whether I like it or not.  I can pretend that nothing changed but that would be delusional.  The change was not in the physical world but in our human minds. Our clocks ticked past 12 last night just like any other night but we decided to assign significance to this time and call it a new year.
Time is a fascinating phenomenon. It’s flow, no one can stop or reverse.  We have learned to compartmentalize it unlike any other living thing on this planet. We have assigned certain pockets of time more value than others.  And today happens to be one of those valuable periods of time. Some honored the early hours of this morning with deep reflection of their past. Many others medicated themselves with alcohol. Quite a few people even marked it with a pledge that they would change their lives with a resolution.  Now I have a decision to make. I could either let this 24 hours pass and assign no significance to it and I am sure it too will slip into history just like any other day or I could make an effort to mark it’s significance.  Then I realized that every true significant moment of my life was marked by the presence of this magnificent being who is unconstrained by time and yet chose to enter the realm of my time to experience my life.  So I mark this day not with alcohol or deep analysis of my past or a resolution but with a simple prayer. “God, may I feel your presence every day as we experience this large chunk of time called 2014 together”

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