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“…I awake and I am still with you” Psalms 139: 18

Most of life is mundane. Activities such as brushing our teeth, showering, eating and many a moment of blankness of mind with no clear “productivity” invades significant parts of our day. The biggest invader of all is sleep. Sleep is a strange phenomenon. No human has escaped it including God in human form. It grinds our days to a halt. It alters our minds and our spirituality.  We can’t help but lose consciousness for few hours everyday which include losing the awareness of the presence of God. King David realizes that in this text and makes one of the most mundane statements in the Bible.  He wakes up and finds that in spite of the fact that his mind drifted into a temporary coma, he never left the presence of this all powerful God. I wonder where he slept the night before he wrote this psalm. In a cave with stone for a pillow? Under a rugged tent in the battlefield? In his highly adorned bedroom in Jerusalem? I have a hunch that regardless of where he woke up from, the lyrics of this song would not have changed much.
If I wake up one morning to my annoying alarm with my messy hair, puffy sleep face, my mind full of worry about the day and pick up where I left off with God and say “i awake and I am still with you”, I would know that I have allowed the God I profess to love to finally enter my mundane.

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