Theology in the unlikely places

A God who knits embryos (No…this is not an abortion debate!)

Lights of the Fetus

For you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. Psalms 139: 13

It was not a scientific era.  An average Israelite was at best struggling to survive.  There were enough things to worry about on a daily basis that there was little room for scientific curiosity.  And yet, this musically gifted shepherd turned warrior takes the doctrine of creation to the next level using a powerful embryological imagery.  I am sure by this point David has seen enough blood and gore.  I imagine him in the battlefield witnessing a cracked chest, coming in contact with a beating heart and the frequent evisceration of bowels but in this verse, he is not talking anatomy but takes a step back and talks about embryology.  Perhaps he has seen the unformed frame of an aborted baby.  Regardless of where he got this imagery, he is not making a scientific or an apologetic point although many intelligent scientists would agree with his statement today, some three thousand years later.  He is not arguing for creationism or emphasizing intelligent design.  But he is singing a love song about a God who formed his guts, connected the neurons in his brain and started the rhythm in his heart.  I was a fool to think that God and I met for the first time in that kindergarten sabbath school class years ago.  He met me way before that.  He was there on day 1 when one cell started dividing into two.  He was there on day 25 when my heart started beating for the first time and He still hasn’t left my side.

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