Theology in the unlikely places

Herein lies the secret to humility…


“…from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalms 121: 1,2

This song begins with a simple question. The psalmist is definitely not looking for an answer from the audience.  He is not interested in making his audience debate about all the possible answers to his question.  He doesn’t even wait till the end of the song to provide the answer because he is convinced that there is only one answer to his question. And he is more than happy to provide it for us right away.  The question, ‘Where does my help come from?’ has a unique answer ‘from the Lord, who made heaven and earth’.

My inquisitive postmodern mind finds a loophole however. You see, the psalmist didn’t sing, ‘where does OUR help come from?’. He was merely expressing his subjective experience of where his help comes from, while giving me the liberty to answer that question however I want.  I sure answer it however I want in my daily life knowingly or unknowingly. And chances are, we all do.  We think our help comes from our looks, our education, our money, our health, our connections, our family and even our church.  We, so easily forget the basics.  Perhaps, I should just speak for myself.  Because He is, I am. I breathe and think because while He is busy creating heaven and earth, He paused to create and sustain me.   All my achievements are borrowed. And my entire life is a gift. To ask that question everyday and to answer it exactly as the psalmist does is humility. To answer it any other way is pride.  And only I know how many times my answers were way off!

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