Theology in the unlikely places

I am a blade of grass who will be remembered through eternity! (feeling blessed…not depressed!)

18427314_mAs for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field; for the wind passes over it, and it is gone, and its place knows it no more. Psalms 103: 15, 16

I was given a name. I was taken to a church. I was enrolled in a school. I was taught how to behave. I was introduced to languages, ideas and concepts of this world. I was encouraged to dream. I was pushed to achieve. I have possessed and I have lost. I was told I could like certain things, colors, places and people. I loved some people more than others. Some reciprocated my love (sometimes more than I deserve) and some didn’t. The people I called close friends are now mere acquaintances. And the people who were strangers are now my friends. I have made decisions that brought me joy and others that brought me sorrow. I may have to echo King Solomon and say that transience prevails over permanence on this earth.

And today, on the anniversary of my birth, I am left with memories. Memories – both good and bad. As the clock kept ticking for nearly three decades, my mind kept recording events tirelessly. For many people, a thread of good memories bring a sense of permanence and meaning in life. As much as I am thankful for good memories, I am also fully aware that even my memories will fade from my mind eventually. But here’s the anchoring thought that brings meaning to my life. Even though my life is like a blade of grass, that is here today and gone tomorrow, it still managed to impact an eternal being. My memories are also His memories because He walks though life with me. And we are not done creating memories quite yet!

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