Theology in the unlikely places

Privacy? Forget it!

“You know when I sit down and when I rise up, you discern my thoughts from afar” Psalms 139:2

Never mind NSA! Here’s a being who not only knows every minute of our day but can also read our minds. Now that is some serious violation of privacy. Even the thought of someone knowing that much about us is scary to say the least. But the psalmist doesn’t seem to care about privacy as much as intimacy. He goes on to sing about how this being hems us in, holds us and leads us through life. And while he is still singing, just 6 verses in, his head starts to spin just thinking about how his life was intimately tied to this being. And as I reflect on the magnitude of how this being has been involved in my life – with my sitting down and my rising up and with my every thought, it’s dizzying. And with that, I will stop writing!

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