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What if I chose waffles instead of pancakes in life?

Businessman with a sign of right vs wrong decision“That by testing you may discern what is the will of God…” Romans 12:2

We make hundreds of decisions everyday.  The outcomes of these decisions define our human experience. We have ritualistic routines throughout our day about what we eat, what we wear and where we go that makes us into who we are at the core. We seldom pause to inquire God about his will for our diet, fashion or entertainment.  But when it comes to decisions involving business, ministry, career, finding a spouse or a place to live, we are taught that God has a will for our lives, a blue print of sort, a single path to a successful and satisfactory life. As it follows, to deviate from that path is considered perilous.

And so we stop, hesitate, “pray” and wonder about the will of God in a state of inactivity and idleness when we are faced with certain important decisions. Lest we choose against the will of God!  But Paul, in this passage, is proposing a radical idea. It is by testing that we discern the will of God. It is by moving forward, sharing, building, buying, going places, meeting people that we come to understand the will of God.  As scary as it may seem, knowing the will of God doesn’t always precede our decision making. Many times, God reveals his will in the context of our choices. The blue print is not set in stone but is dynamic.  Obviously, some choices are harder than others. Choosing between careers is not the same as choosing between waffles and pancakes for breakfast. But the point is, our God has a will for us in drawing us close to him whether we choose waffles or pancakes in life.

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